Artist Clare Cammack Clare was born in Northamptonshire in 1966. She was educated and lived in St Albans and after pursuing a career moved to North Norfolk in the mid 1990's to study Art and Design. On returning to live in St Albans she attended life classes part time whilst working and since having children has dedicated more time to concentrating on her painting.  

Artist Clare Cammack's studio
My work is based on the human form, sometimes abstracted other times more figurative. Drawing is important to me, a basis for ideas and often the sculptural element of my drawing rolls naturally into my painting. It is a natural instinctive response to the figure and an emotional response to my own mood and state of mind.

Artist Clare Cammack painting At times I will work directly from the model. I work on three or four pieces at a time, usually in oils though acrylic has its place and can be used as a starting point. Mark making and texture forms an important part of my process as does much scratching and sanding back of the layers. I rarely start a painting with a particular image in mind , its all very fluid and develops as I go along- it's often a battle- you think you are winning then something goes amiss and you loose what you had and the battle begins again to bring the work back . It is an emotional and experimental roller coaster. If it was easy it wouldn't be worth the time. I have no particular influence or formula. I am finding my own way, and it is a journey very much like life.